Seasonal Fishing


April—mid May
I start the season jigging for monster walleyes in the Detroit River.

Lake St. Clair starting around Metro Beach then southern Lake St.
Clair, trolling.


The season begins the first Saturday in June on Lake St. Clair.

You have 2 options for your enjoyment, casting or trolling. I am
equipped to do either.


Catch and release season starts the last Sat. in April.
Catch and keep bass season starts on Lake St. Clair the 3rd Saturday in June.
The inland season starts the last Saturday in May.


Season July 16-Sept. 30
Mostly catch and release. Must have a DNR permit prior to fishing
to keep 1 per season. Mostly fished late evening into the night.


Do you have a favorite inland lake you’d like to explore? Contact me
and we’ll try to make it happen.


Perch anytime
Fall (Sept-Nov.)is best on Lake St. Clair for size and quanity.

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