Fishing Reports


Looks like this will be a fantastic spring. The system is flooded with walleye. Getting the boat ready this week. Lets hope it warms up a bit. Will report as the season progresses.


St. Clair river is hot with limits. Sometimes in less than an hour. From Marine city down thru Algonac.


Limits once again. River is full of boats and full of fish. Not hard to get a limit. Fishing is fantastic.


2 man limit in 30 minutes this morning in Algonac. All nice 15-16″ers. 31-33 FOW Lure choice was blue ice jig with blue ice plastic minnow.


We continue to catch walleye at a great rate. Will turn to bottom bouncing crawler harnesses from jigging. Much less work for the same results.


Another fantastic trip. 2 man limit before 7am. First fish came 5 seconds after dropping the line. 5 fish on the first drift.


Same story. Limit by 7:30

Time for a scenery change. Fishing the lake instead of the river for a change of pace next time out. What a year for fishing (or should I say catching)



Another 2 man limit jigging the SCR. Little slower than previous outings but the weather and fishing were great.

Heading down to Lake Erie to give that body of water a try.


Got back on the river for the first time in 10 days after a camping trip. Fish are still there and hungry. Water is still a bit cool for this time of year but thats a good thing. Jigging is still going strong and bottom bouncers are producing great also. Fish are a bit deeper than previously.  I see this fishery continuing all summer.


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