Fishing Reports

This winter has been hit and miss on LSC. One day you might hit some nice perch while other days its one dink after another, Pike however seem to be cooperating for spearers. Ice is anywhere from 16″ to over 20″.     It looks like spring walleye fishing on the DR will probably be a bit late this year. All the ice from the lakes must pass thru and there is a ton of it. Even Lk.Huron which doesn’t get much ice is 50% frozen. If I had to guess, about April 15 might be the start. I am now taking preliminary reservations for walleyes on the DR. Dates will be subject to change depending on river conditions and weather.





Fishing the DR has now begun. Still a small amount of ice flowing down but not a problem. My first trip will be next week. Reports will follow.



My first trip of the year was a good one. I took 2 guys out and we each got or personal best walleye. First I got a 9lb 12oz hog then the other 2 guys each got a 8lb 8 oz fish. Started at the steel mill for the first pass. Seen nothing caught and went upstream to the Ren Cen area. There we got our big fish and a couple more. Close to quitting time when made a last pass at Mud Island for a couple more eaters. Also lost a couple of bigguns half way up.



Started again at the mill and nothing. Then made drifts at Mud Island and started catching eaters till the trolling motor quit (hand held remote) Fished 15-20 FOW. Was using dark jigs with black WW’s. We were filming an episode for Simply Outdoors TV for broadcast later this summer.

Last 2 days were very busy out there and the launches were full by 7am. Will be doing a couple of trip again this coming week.

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